Should City Ask to Use ALR Land for Industrial Parks?


Pat Brady said he knows why experts have suggested that a block of farmland in Bradner would be an ideal location for a new industrial park in Abbotsford.

He just wishes the land wasn’t next door.

Brady was one of those who celebrated a year ago when the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) denied a developer’s application to remove 224 acres of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in order to provide more industrial land. That decision, however, suggested the ALC might be more welcoming to a city-led application. Now, that has a become a real possibility following a report suggesting the block of land – on Abbotsford’s western border, just north of Highway 1 – is one of the two best locations to expand the city’s dwindling supply of industrial land.

Council hasn’t yet made a decision but voted unanimously last week to ask the public what they think about possibly removing land from the ALR to provide room for large regional businesses to set up shop in the city. (Mayor Henry Braun and Coun. Kelly Chahal were absent.)

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Staff Writer- Aldergrove News – May 12, 2017.


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