CRTC Chairman Blais Says More Direct Intervention May Be Needed in Canada’s Wireless Industry


At today’s Banff World Media Festival in Banff, Alberta, current chairman of Canada’s telecom regulator Jean-Pierre Blais spoke at length on Canada’s wireless and broadcast industry, his legacy, and the importance of his organization.

Mere days before he leaves the helm of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Blais delivered prepared remarks, arguing that the CRTC’s recent actions to set targets for broadband access and to increase digital literacy are positive steps, but not enough.

“I can’t help but feel they only scratch the surface of the real issue at hand,” said Blais during his speech. “Thinking in government and indeed in industry—in this room—is still flawed. It’s focused all too much on traditional divisions between broadcasting and telecommunications.

On the status quo as an operating principle. That’s not the future. Broadband is. Apps are. Quotas, tax credits and the way we all did business 20-years-ago are not.”‘

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Mobilesyrup – Rose Behar & Sameer Chhabra – June 13, 2017.


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