CRTC Partners with UK Agency to Fight Spam and Unwanted Telemarketing Calls


The CRTC has announced a partnership with the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office to combat spam and pesky telemarketer calls.  The UK agency is an independent authority mandated to uphold information rights in the public interest.

The two agencies will cooperate on a coordinated approach to enforce spam and telemarketing laws in both countries to limit the amount of unwanted e-mails and phone calls received by residents. Under the agreement, both agencies will share information and provide investigative support.

Both parties will also receive research and education opportunities, as well as staff exchanges and joint training initiatives. “Today the CRTC is taking another step to boost its international engagement and its efforts to combat the threat posed by spam and unsolicited calls to citizens of Canada and the United Kingdom,”said Judith A. LaRocque, Chairperson and CEO of the CRTC, in a statement.

“This partnership we have formed with the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office further enhances our expertise and ability to ensure that applicable laws are respected.”

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Bradly Shankar – Mobilesyrup – Aug 3, 2017.


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