How can pipeline-hating B.C. possibly justify all these LNG projects?


After years of protracted attempts to strangle any attempt at an Alberta pipeline to the coast, this week B.C. proudly unveiled plans for LNG Canada, a $40 billion liquid natural gas megaproject complete with a 670-km pipeline.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley called it “jaw-dropping hypocrisy” to see the B.C. government’s warm welcome for the project. Her economic development minister, Deron Bilous, lamented Canada’s transformation into a “a country built on double standards.” And the reactions from the province’s non-NDP corners have been slightly less print-worthy.

So are West Coasters just a bunch of Alberta-hating hypocrites? Below, a quick guide to why it might not be all that dissonant to love B.C. LNG while hating Alberta bitumen.

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Tristin Hopper – National Post – October 9, 2018.


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