Updating Cancon Rules for Internet Age Comes with Political Baggage


I recently visited an out-of-town friend who was stuck at home with a broken leg and a fully functional TV. On the first night of my stay we watched Doc Martin, a 2001 prequel to the popular British series about a fancy London doctor who retreats to a village in Cornwall.

The second night Netflix suggested we might like The African Doctor, a recent French hit about a family from Zaire who immigrate to a small town in northern France. We were about 15 minutes into that movie, in which the charming African physician wins over the racist French villagers, when I belatedly twigged: It featured the identical scenario as Doc Martin.

Fancy a heartwarming foreign flick about a duck out of water? Netflix has your number…

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Kate Taylor – Globe and Mail – April 3, 2017.




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