Popularity Brewing at Leduc Bar with Alberta’s First Self-Serve Beer Wall


A Leduc bar has turned that kid-in-a-candy shop dream of being your own bartender into reality by introducing what it says is Canada’s first self-serve beer wall.

Customers at Barney’s Pub and Grill can try Alberta craft draft from about a dozen high-tech taps controlled by a electronically readable card that allows them to sample as little as an ounce of beer at a time and restricts total consumption to 32 ounces before an employee has to renew the customer’s card.

A screen at each tap provides information about the beer and shows how many ounces are poured. The cost is automatically added to the bill.

“I was at a conference and … they talked about this self-serve model. I thought it was neat,” said Perry Batke, general manager of Leduc’s Best Western Plus Edmonton Airport Hotel, where the bar is located.

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Gordon Kent – Edmonton Journal – August 3, 2017.


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